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Solar attic fans
Save Money with Energy Efficient insulationAre your summer cooling costs out of control? If you don't have the proper insulation, your cool air is escaping from your home along with your money.

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Tax Credit for energy saving insulationThe Federal Government and many of our local cities are now offering tax credits and rebates for saving energy by insulating your home or office.

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Solar attic fans OrlandoSolar Attic Fans help to circulate heat and moisture out of virtually any residential or commercial structure.

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The Best Insulation For Your Florida Home

We are Florida Energy Solutions of Central Florida. We are home and commercial insulation contractors that serve the Orlando metro area and surrounding cities and counties.

Your home's current insulation is probably costing you money each and every month. With our year-round, hot and humid climate, the average home is losing a high percentage of its cool and conditioned air. In fact, about one-third of the air generated by your air conditioning unit is lost by seeping out of your home in various ways. Of this escaping air, the majority of the energy loss occurs through the walls, roof and floors as shown in the diagram below.

Energy loss from poor or no insulation

Proper insulation under your roof, in your attic and in your walls will help to cut down on the energy that you are losing!

This will also help to keep your house cool, save money and create a healthier and more comfortable environment for your family. Stop wasting energy and your hard-earned money! Every home is different and we take pride in offering the very best insulation products for each home that we have the privilege of serving.

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Our Insulation Installation Services Include:

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation (SFI) is the highest level of defense against our hot and humid summers. This green and clean option will seal your home from the infiltrating elements. It will create a barrier around your home, blocking off every crack and crevice. SFI will then allow your cold air to stay inside and keep your family comfortable. This will also extend the life of your A/C unit since it will not need to work as hard to keep your home cool. You will notice immediate relief and lower costs on your energy bills. Spray foam is our top-level protection and will save you the most money!Read more

Blown Insulation

Whether your home is old or new, the fiberglass insulation that you likely have is losing you energy and money. Updating to blown insulation is a more cost-effective option than spray foam but it will also significantly lower your energy usage, utility bills and will lessen your impact on the environment since it is made from mostly recycled components. That being the case, this cellulose insulation is also a much healthier option for your family than traditional options.Read more

Exterior Block Wall Insulation

Insulating the concrete block of your home or business is another way to defend your structure from the outside elements. In addition to saving your cooled air, block wall insulation can act as a sound barrier, protect you from insects, pests, mold, mildew and it even carries a Class A fire rating. This service is typically done on new construction projects but can also be done on existing homes or commercial buildings. In that latter case, once completed and patched on the outside, you will never be able to tell that it was done.Read more

Solar Attic Fans and Ventilation

Solar Attic Fans are a great and inexpensive way to eliminate heat and humidity that are trapped inside your attic. The fans pull in the cooler outside air and push out the hot air and moisture through the solar powered ventilation system. This system is run by a master interface controller installed on your wall, similar to your thermostat. If you install one of these solar powered fans, you also qualify for several federal and local tax rebates and incentives.Read more


As one of the most trusted and best insulation companies in the Orlando area, we are committed to finding and providing the best products that will save you energy and money!

Florida Energy Solutions has been in the business since 1989. We have a great track record and reputation within the industry. We believe in high-quality workmanship, on-time project completion and in providing the best products to meet each of our customers' energy saving needs.

Still not convinced? Read our great customer reviews on HomeAdvisor where we have been screened and approved for the very best local service.

If your utility bills are sky rocketing, call us today for a free in home consultation. Or fill out our contact form and we will contact you shortly.


Call: 407-350-0377

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